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Top 10 Christmas Themes for 2016


We are delighted to present our Christmas Themes 2016.  These trend boards are the consolidation of our buying trips throughout Australia and overseas.  We look at the variation stylings and colour groupings we see at the various showrooms to create our summary of the coming season. Christmas decorating should always be about what brings you joy.  We hope these boards will help inspire ideas on how to use existing decorations, and incorporate new pieces, to create vignettes, or tree themes that make you smile every time you look at them. Please let us know which are your favourite boards.  We would love your feedback.   Christmas Themes 2016:  Winter Woodlands We have seen the popularity of the natural elements – branches, woodland creatures, etc, over a few years now.  What started as very Scandinavian in style, this style is now more minimalist natural ‘chic’.  These understated pieces are perfectly matched to the home decor trends of today.  We particular enjoy working them into the home decor trend colours of grey, pale pink or deep blue. Christmas Themes 2016: Under the Mistletoe The most traditional of the themes Under the Mistletoe takes us back to the 50’s.  Christmas elves have been …

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