Christmas Trends for 2013

One of our favourite glass suppliers, Inge Glas in Germany, work with a number of other European companies each year to create the Annual Christmas Trends List.

This year, they have identified 5 key trends for the European market.  I’m not sure they will all be strong here in Australia.  We have definitely seen a trend to the blues and a little of the red/blue together, but I don’t see the oranges and orange/soft green combinations taking off.

These are quite different from the strong trends we saw in Dallas (see our previous posts).  The only cross overs are the blues and soft aqua/mint.

I would love your thoughts on your preferred style.

spicyorangeSpicy Orange

santashomeSanta’s Home

fairytaleforestFairy Tale Forest


Winter Walk


Blue Chalet


  1. says

    I agree, not all of these trends will probably soar. Personally, I think the Spicy Orange will have the shortest following, and I think people are moving away from the “natural” earth tones, at least for now. Both of the bottom blue designs will probably be huge, different, but still glam! I love them all!

    • says

      Thanks for your thoughts Sparkle Queen. I also agree people are moving away from the natural tones, although cream and natural burlap were also big in the US and I think will take off here within a couple of years. Cheers, Nicole.

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