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Top 5 Christmas Decorating Trends for 2013

One of my favourite things about visiting the US Gift Fairs is getting a sneak peak at the coming Christmas Trends.  Here are 5 of the prominent Christmas Trends spotted at the Dallas Gift Fair in January.

1. A feminine Touch.  There were lots of examples of muted tones of pink, green and blue, reminiscent of the 40′s and 50′s.  While most of the examples we saw were a trees full of these colours, another option would be to use your existing silver or gold as a base and add these soft tones as an accent.



2. Icicles

Icicles in so many different sizes, but predominantly in the traditional clear finish.  Gorgeous accent to any tree.


3. Touch of Black

We saw black used in combination with red and silver (as shown above) as well as a more formal palette using gold, silver, black and pewter tones.


4. Animal Fun

Animal prints were every where.  Baubles, ribbons, table pieces.  Wild!


5. Elves

Elves continue to show their popularity and are popping up in all the different colour ranges.


So, what do you think?  Are you likely to incorporate any of these colours and trends into your Christmas decorating for 2013?    Would love your thoughts.


  • Deb hartley

    Love them all, just not sure about the animal prints. The pink elf is beautiful, and yes, I would buy one, or two, lol. Thanks for the sneak peek. Deb.

    • Nicole

      Hi Deb, thanks for your feedback. We will have the pink elf (and so many other colours of elves) so keep an eye out for that around June when we open for pre-orders. I think as a retail statement piece the animal print could create great ‘wow’ but for home use would only imagine someone using a little ribbon or a couple of ornaments.

  • Anastasia Kotaidis

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m a big fan of icicles – but I think less is more with the animal print theme.



    • Nicole

      Hi Anastasia, We love the icicles too. We are also huge fans of using finials and other longer shapes on the tree as a variation from baubles. Thanks for your feedback. Cheers, Nicole.

  • Cathy Ebdon

    Really quite like ‘the Feminine Touch’ – got some ‘glamour’ to it! :)

    • Nicole

      Cathy, I have to agree. We loved this look. I can’t wait to use it as accents on some of our trees. Thanks for your comment. Nicole

  • Pat Ireland

    We are looking at changing our colour scheme for Christmas this year, I love bold colours.

    • Nicole

      Hi Pat, I love the bold colours. We had a beautiful multi colour tree in the store last year and it was definitely one of my favourites. Meredith then did her tree at home in white, silver, orange and bright pink and it looked fantastic. Hope you share a photo of what you create. Cheers, Nicole.

  • Sandy Williams

    So is everyone over the whole mesh thing for decorating trees and wreaths?

    • Nicole

      Sandy, definitely not!! We bought heaps of mesh for this year. Is it a favourite of yours, or you don’t particularly like it? Let me know. (I’ll have other favourite finds from Dallas in another post – there were so many to choose from). Cheers, Nicole

  • Dianne Mair

    Icicles and elves!…….definitely for this year and, I must admit, the touch of black in the icicle tree looks rather good especially for a sophicated look for a corporate Christmas function. Pre orders in June? Goody!

    • Nicole

      I’m loving the icicles too. (Elves are still huge and lots of colours coming). A few people mentioned in the survey they were interested in black and silver so we’ll have some black pieces too. Pre-orders July is my plan. Cheers, Nicole.

  • glenys campion

    I love the pink so anything pink would be great i love the elves

    • Nicole

      Thanks Glenys, I have to say I’m loving the pale tones this year including the pink. Can’t wait to create a display tree in this tone (and it will definitely include elves). Cheers, Nicole

  • Cynthia S.

    I think that I like the idea of the little hints of black in the red/silver tree, but I think the fourth tree had a little too much ‘black’. Also, I think each tree has a little too much ‘stuff’. I really couldn’t tell they were trees, they looked like piles of ‘stuff’. It all sort of ran together. I like the little elves, they’re cute. But my family’s more inclined to angels (sigh).

    • Nicole Keleher

      I agree with you that the black is pretty heavy on that fourth tree. When we travel to the States we see lots of over the top trees. Great for creative ideas but most people leave a little more of the tree on show.

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